January 18, 2007

ID: "Self-admitted hippie," esq.

A fine lawyer I knew back in the home town, from the Idaho Statesman:

Once a self-described hippie, Phil Gordon takes on class-action suits

I was living in a commune when I realized I needed to provide for two children. So I packed up my family and our milk cow and moved to Moscow, where I attended the University of Idaho, graduating with a law degree in 1976...

I particularly admire his filing system.

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G Miller said...

I knew there would come a time when I could say about someone in my life, "I knew you when . . ." !!back in the humble days of Philip's law office in Council, Idaho. Doesn't look like his filing system has changed all that much since then, according to his pic in the Statesman. I want to be his Erin Brocovich! :-)