January 31, 2007

Juvy p.d. - conservatized me

Patterico pontificates on another crime study and draws this comment :

I’m a juvenile public defender... so here’s my $.02. My big mistake in accepting a job as a juvie PD was thinking that I would be practicing law. I’m part big sister, part pissed off auntie and all social work...

All of that said, I love my job. These kids matter to me. And maybe I get to be one of the few people who tell them “That is NOT acceptable!” and give them a reason. If my only victory is to get the kid to say “Yes Sir” to the judge and not yawn/stretch when in front of the bench this time (no, I’m not kidding) then it’s a win.

No matter what, I get up there and do my best for for them. Sometimes they notice but mostly not. And every once in a while I get a kid who’s actually innocent and, most importantly, convince the judge of it...