January 25, 2007

WA: bed date? you'll have to wait

In Grant County, WA, a man was alleged to have committed a murder in late September. His public defenders requested a mental evaluation in early October. The evaluation has just started in January. From the Columbia Basin Herald:

Lybbert gets mental exam - A 20-year-old Moses Lake man accused of killing his girlfriend's disabled father in September entered Eastern State Hospital last week for a mental evaluation, his lawyers said Wednesday.


Audacity said...

Late September to early January? That's making pretty good time where I work.

Anonymous said...

This is rather vague, as the daily press is wont to be on criminal justice issues. Is the evaluation for competency? Insanity? Diminished capacity? Whatever it's for, there are other ways to go about it. Defense could seek a private evaluation at public expense, per CrR 3.1(f). The evaluation could be in the jail rather than at ESH, which can be accomplished within a month. DSHS has been slow in the past few years, but they're getting much better.