March 27, 2008

Be all that you can be

From the Foreign Policy Association job board:

Defense Advisor - Afghanistan

NCSC International, the International Programs Division of the National Center for State Courts, is seeking a Defense Advisor for an existing justice sector reform activity in Afghanistan...

Qualification:... At least three years experience as a criminal defense attorney, with management or organizational experience in public defender's office preferred... Interested applicants should send their resume/CV and expressions of interest via email to afghanistanjobs"at" no later than April 15th...

Bonus link goes to Where's Travis McGee?

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Brad Parker said...


Thanks for the link. I worked quite a bit the the JSSP folks in Kabul - generally a fun and very bright group of people. I also loved going to their compound, which is the former residence of a drug lord. Consequently, their quality of life was much better than mine was at Camp Eggers.