March 17, 2008


Let me just say, I'm glad to be home tonight on my laptop in my own comfy chair, wearing my own comfy clothes and not someone else's size 4XL orange coveralls.

There are those who relish walking the edge of contempt of court, but I'm a simpler home-loving sort. Today I just said what it seemed needed to be said, plowed through the rest of the caseload, got out of there for a 30 minute lunch, and came back, on to the next thing. More court tomorrow.

(no details so long as any other shoe might drop - I like the freedom of not having to bill my clients, but tonight I appreciate the other freedoms that my private brothers and sisters have)


Shelley said...

Whoa! I must have missed the beginning of this! What is the rest of this story?!

Skelly said...

Some of it has been building, and some of it just roared up this morning. Apparently some lessons brought home from National Judicial College are being tried out in our courtroom, with less than optimal results, and the rest of us in the courtroom have had the bad form not to applaud. More I shouldn't say here (it's in a few e-mails to my supervisor though).

Gracehoper said...

I get a jolt of appreciation for my freedom every time I visit clients at IMSI inBoise. I imagine wearing an orange jumpsuit would also hit home. Not sure what's up but you hang in there.

Skelly said...

Thank you. We three juvy defense lawyers have been summoned by the superior court judges (a court commissioner's superiors) to talk about "courtroom procedures." Luckily, my supervisor is coming along, too.

Shelley, how's the Peach? Gracehoper, how are the snows of my law school town treating you? (say hello to Greg Worthen for me, would you?)