March 09, 2008

ID: a Mazda-load of hot Holsteins

One of the cool things about working at the Twin Falls County Public Defenders Office - it may be 2008, but you still get to represent cattle rustlers:

"The way that it happens is you drive your little Mazda into the dairy, in the back where the cameras don't pick it up... And you take four small calves out of the calf hutches and you put two in the trunk and two in the back seat and you drive off..."


Yakima_Gulag said...

Now that is funny, nema zakon zapande od pekos right?

Skelly said...

Sarajevska zeka, how are you over there? I've been enjoying your posts.

Here is my Bosnian bovine story: you know those big traditional haystacks? One of my big city US colleagues said that when he first arrived in BiH, the locals told him that they were Cow Houses.