March 01, 2008

GA: Gideon survives the Georgia legislature

From Atlanta, Sara reports on the toll that the legislative fight for quality indigent defense in Georgia is taking on her:

Grizzly Bears and Ring Mistresses

This is what the legislative session does to me...

We passed huge legislation to reform the public defender system in 2003, one of if not the most significant victory in my life. However now just five years later, we are faced with an indigent defense crisis complete with forces that want to destroy this good but young and struggling system by bankrupting it and tearing down its structure.

I’m moderately happy to share that they only got half as much of the bad stuff they wanted this week as a result of our efforts. The nature of my work is one that my victories are often defined less by outright wins like that of the new public defender system, but more often by successfully making horrible proposals slightly less horrible...

Sounds like a fair bit of what we do for our clients in court.