June 02, 2008

CT: superior p.d.'s

Gideon's right: this is a great story. From TheDay.com:

A Century Of Courtroom Experience Defending Poor Clients - New London's veteran public defenders have just about seen and dealt with it all

Choice excerpt:

”If you have issues with your self-worth or self-confidence, you're going to find it very difficult to prosper in a field of work where you're going to be continually misunderstood,” says (Peter E.) Scillieri.

Society's default method of evaluating something is to establish its price, says Scillieri. Many jump to the conclusion that if you haven't paid for something, it must be of little value. ”It bothers you when you first start out,” Haley says. “You try to talk to the client, telling them, 'I went to law school. I do this all day long.' But after a while, you get tired of explaining...”

A person could learn a lot from these guys.