June 27, 2008

ID: little miss can be wrong

From the Idaho Mountain Express:

Supreme Court upholds Johnson convictions

The Idaho Supreme Court has upheld Sarah Johnson's convictions of killing her parents in 2003... Now 21, Johnson was 16 at the time...

From the Times-News:

Justices reject Sarah Johnson appeals - Court says 2005 murder conviction was legal

The Idaho Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously upheld the conviction of Sarah Johnson for murdering her parents five years ago in their Bellevue home... Johnson was given two life sentences after a jury handed down a guilty verdict on two counts of first-degree murder for shooting her parents, Alan and Diane Johnson...

Update: I take that back, I hope she's doing fine - she does have a colorable ineffective assistance claim. See the Idaho Supreme Court opinion here (pdf file).


Pete.Moss said...
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Pete.Moss said...

Teenagers serving life without parole is sad, as I recall being a teenager once, certainly not the mental giant dwarf I am today, but kids are and have always been stupid.

A sardonic illustration: 78% of High School kids reported on their ACT exams that A. Lincoln was a type of lobster, when everybody knows Lincoln is the luxury car built by Ford.

Ca·pri·cious is that governed or characterized by caprice; impulsive, unpredictable; synonyms include inconstant.

Thomas Jefferson, whom hated arbitrary gov't, spake: "Law without order is prefferable to order without law."