June 29, 2008

WA & ID: murderer Braae says he's "just not the type that gives up easily"

From the Olympian:

Questions linger over fate of missing women

When "Cowboy" Mike Braae was arrested after jumping off a 40-foot bridge into an Idaho river during a police chase..., it marked the end of what investigators say was a trail of rapes, slayings and domestic violence... Braae faces a possible 56-year prison sentence in a Thurston County courtroom July 24 for raping and murdering Lori Jones in Lacey in 2001, but investigators think he eluded justice for years...

In a letter to the editor (pdf file), Braae indicates that rather than the label "Cowboy Mike," he would prefer, "El Esclavo de Dios y El Defensor de la Fe." "Chupacabra" and "pendejo" could work too.