June 04, 2008

ID: IF seeks new p.d.

In Idaho Falls, Neal Randall's out; we'll know on Friday who's in, from KPVI:

Bonneville County Searching for New Chief Public Defender

What might you look for in a new chief p.d.?

"Somebody with good administrative qualities, somebody with the right temperament, you know, because you are dealing with public; you have to have somebody that can deal with people in a crisis situation, be sensitive to that and somebody that can provide adequate attorney services, you know, a good attorney."

I like to think that in my six years on the job in TF, I was admirably adequate, although just after I was hired, when one Boise friend of mine told another friend that the county commissioners liked my good administrative qualities, the other friend said, "our John?"

: it's Jimmy Barrett.