September 20, 2008

ID: spill soda, go to the big house!

Huzzah, my home town made Harper's:

Unexpected Consequences from a Mug of Soda

The latest episode showing the Justice Department’s more than curious notions of justice can be found this week in the pages of the Idaho Statesman. Natalie Walters is now facing prosecution that could put her in prison for six months. Her crime? She poured a cup of Diet Coke on a counter in a Veteran’s Administration cafeteria...

See also Simple Justice, Are the Guidelines the same for Diet Coke?


Anonymous said...

As with almost all persons charged with petty offenses, Ms. Walters paid a $200 collateral forfeiture per the schedule established by the District Court, and her case was dismissed this week. She never was in actual jeopardy of a 6-month sentence; that was the statutory maximum, but she always had the option of collateral forfeiture.

Skelly said...

Good to know - thanks for the update.