September 22, 2008

ID & TX: "Idaho should step up to the plate and bring their prisoners home"

Probing article on the Idaho archipelago, from Andrea Jackson of the Twin Falls Times-News -

Families feel loss as out-of-state prison population grows

- and the same article picked up by the Houston Chronicle:

Idaho's out-of-state prison population grows

Pam Drashner visited her husband every weekend in prison, until she was turned away one day because he wasn't there. He had been quietly transferred from Boise to a private prison in Sayre, Okla. She never saw him again.

In July, she went to the Post Office to pick up his ashes, mailed home in a box. He died of a traumatic brain injury in Oklahoma, allegedly assaulted by another inmate. David Drashner was one of hundreds of male inmates Idaho authorities have sent to private prisons in other states. About 10 percent of Idaho's inmates are now out-of-state...