September 02, 2008

ID: "suprise, suprise"

Spell-check's broken on the KMVT website:

A suprise in court today

A man who faces 1st degree murder charges in the death of an 18-year old Twin Falls resident was back in court... John McElhiney's court appearance was short and took a surprising turn... Current attorney, Marilyne Paul and county prosecutor Grant Loebs met with Judge Bevan before the hearing took place. Once court was in session Judge Bevan said their
(sic) was clearly a irreconcilable conflict between the defendant and public defenders office...

In other Twin Falls murder news:

Transgender Iranian refugee charged with murder in shooting

A man previously described as a woman was rolled into a Twin Falls courtroom on Friday in a blue wheelchair to face a murder charge...


Anonymous said...

It's not spellcheck that's broken, it's the KMVT proofreaders. That's a homonym; a spellcheck wouldn't get it. Try -- print journalists don't get that kind of stuff wrong as often!

Skelly said...

So "suprise" is a homonym as well as a mis-spelling? Color me suprised!