September 16, 2008

WA: "sweatshop defense" and bad breaks in ole Vantucky

A long disjointed post from Washblog on three strikes, two-bit justice and one messed-up life:

A 3-Strikes Story: Abusive Foster Care, Deadly Streets, Broken Public Defense. WE CAN DO BETTER!

If nothing else disproves the 3-Strikes assumption that people convicted of three crimes are irredeemable, it is this response, seen in Schawn
(Cruze)'s case - and also with other Washington's 3-Strikers - of rising above hopelessness, accepting responsibility, and striving to realize his own potential under devastating circumstances...

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Noemie Maxwell said...

Thank you for posting on this story. I know that, as the author, I didn't do it justice (so to speak).

Nevertheless, it's an important story that demonstrates how destructive it is to combine under-funding for essential services like foster care and public defense -- with lavish funding for over-harsh laws.