May 27, 2005

Friday ex-con dog blogging

Plan would limit ex-cons' ownership of certain dogs:
Pet's weight, breed or history might determine legality

Contra Costa District Attorney Robert Kochly wants to he'd like to keep some convicts from owning certain breeds, including pit bulls.

Eric Sakach, the Humane Society's West Coast director, said

...he could support the probation idea only if the convicts weren't allowed to own any dogs -- large or small, pit bull or poodle.

"Any dog can be used as a weapon. If (convicts) can't take care of themselves, I have grave concerns about whether they can take responsibility for the proper care of a dog."

Wasn't it Pat Benetar who said, "You know you're already on probation / Stop using dogs as a weapon"? I agree with the humane sentiment, yet somehow I think a poodle would not mess you up nearly as much as a Presa Canario (unless it was one of those wolf-poodle hybrids).

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