May 02, 2005

Help is on the way!

Left2Right has taken up our cause, and put out the call for help with our burgeoning p.d. caseloads:

The Public Defenders' Sweatshop

Yeah, that'll bring out the waves of new p.d. recruits! To think that I spent six years in management trying to promote my office to recent law school grads / job applicants as "The Trial Lawyers' Playground..."

(scroll through the comments too: an interesting blend of informed commentators, uninformed (but still entitled to their opinion) commentators, and borderline trolls)

And that crack about

"the dreadfully-overworked bleary-eyed revolving-door appearance of such a counsel"?

Hey, I resemble that remark! (perhaps it's time to replace my couturier, Ross Dressforless, with this guy's tailor.)