May 21, 2005


From a lawyer-poet in New Hampshire:

Twenty Incontrovertible Truths About the American Criminal Justice System, From Someone Who Knows and Has No Interest in Lying to You About It: A Criminal Defense Attorney Tells All About the Most Misunderstood Institution in the Whole of America

You know what they say about lawyer-poets:
"Every lawyer carries inside the wreckage of a poet."
(Chaque notaire porte en soi les débris d’un poète)
- Flaubert, M. Bovary

I admire any colleague who can toss off a paragraph like this:

Asking a public defender whether he ever grows weary of defending the guilty is like smearing his ass with peanut butter: it's unlikely to please him--being so imposed upon--unless he has a predilection for masochism and/or a strong affinity for jams which are both sticky and inescapable.

I think I'm going to enjoy following this guy's blog.

P.S. : ...and not just because he too never found a way to better incorporate his love of radio into his professional career as a trial attorney. (in high school at the end of the seventies, when standards were much looser, I was on KBSU in the slot they couldn't get college students to volunteer for, Sunday Concert Hall 6am to 10am, then in college I handled the board intermittently at KCID, on "the corner where the world turns" (backwards, because if the big globe on top of the station turned forward, it would spell D-I-C-K...))