May 19, 2005

Welcome, confused googlers!

* My first visitor from the Islamic Republic of Iran, looking for information on chaos theory, and instead finding a want ad for a new chief public defender ("Prior experience in cat herding, groveling, and choas theory desirable").

* Someone looking for 14-year-olds, but probably not for these ones.

* A questing soul seeking an answer - "Can you be a Christian lawyer?" - only to wind up at this blog! I hope the seeker moved on to the next item on Google: Whether Lawyers, Too, Can Be Saved. Short answer - yes:

The same holds true with representing criminal defendants — even those the lawyer knows to be guilty. The ideal of blind justice in an oak and marble courtroom ends up, in reality, to be more like Frank Purdue's chicken factory: nameless defendants get stamped and processed in an assembly line, dispatched according to a formula that pays as little attention to their stories as possible. The defense attorney, if she has the time and energy given huge caseloads, can give that defendant a name, respect, and attention, defense where appropriate, and properly tailored sanctions if a plea. Personal connection — a humane solidarity — can be the richest form of servant ministry.

* And to the hordes dropping by from CrimLaw lately, welcome, and thank you, Ken.

Update: well, pin a rose on my nose - today the blog made it to 50,000 unique visitors!