June 15, 2006

CA: blog about marijuana use, go to jail

Via Drug Law Blog, this sad story of what can happen when you post your love of the gentle herb on your MySpace account:

West Sacramento arrest for "MySpace" braggart

"i have a medical condition that my doctor says i have to cure with 'green' medicine. the wierd thing is that alllll of my friends have the same condition!! haha, its legal b*tches!"

(P)olice investigated him, obtained a warrant, and searched his home, seizing marijuana, methamphetamine, a gun and a scale...

Dude! Cops are reading Public Defender Investigator!


* This is great - it has Legos; from Anonymous Law Student, MySpace = CopSpace

* If it's not law enforcement checking out MySpace, it's the NSA; from New Scientist.com, Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites.