June 07, 2006

"How do you spell murder?"

From Liz at I Speak of Dreams, who recommends a suggestive film on the "LD-JD link:"

Histories like these are like clues to a scene of a crime: usually an undiagnosed learning disability.

An estimated 5% of the children and adults in our society have learning disabilities. That number jumps to four times greater for the prison population and a conservative estimate of 40% of youth in detention facilities have some form of learning disability. This is often identified as "the LD-JD link..."

New research now shows that prison literacy programs, including special education for persons with learning disabilities, are more effective at lowering recidivism* rates than either boot camps or shock incarceration: the rate for juvenile offenders is between 60% and 84%, but for those youngsters involved in prison literacy programs the recidivism rate drops to 20%...

More information about the LIFE prison literacy program is here.