June 15, 2006

Meth a myth, pundits tell grieving families

Here's Mark Kleiman at the Huffington Post on

the latest press-release-dressed-up-as-a-research-report from the Sentencing Project (pdf file), in which Ryan S. King "proves" that methamphetamine isn't really much of a problem...

Debunking the Debunking: The Meth Problem Is Real

From today's Olympian:

Meth suspected in baby's death - Mother could face homicide charge after premature delivery

A Thurston County woman who prematurely gave birth while methamphetamine was in her system is under investigation for homicide after her baby son died, authorities said Wednesday. Juventina Chavelas-Reyes, 30, already is charged with endangerment for selling meth in front of her two other children, ages 2 and 4, in the family's Grand Mound trailer...


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