October 23, 2006

Cause and effect

When I was going through some old posts addding new tags (or "labels" in Blogger Beta - speak), the updating caused this old post about "Should I Hire the Public Defender?" to pop up again on Bloglines, which caused Shelley and Gideon to write their own posts, which caused ACS of Defending Those People to write an extended comment which turned into a post of his own, which caused Scoplaw to make hilarious comments of his own.

I guess that it's lucky they didn't see this.

Bonus links go to a counterpoint - Criminal Defense: Public Defender Or Private Criminal Defense Attorney?

Any warm body with a law degree can hang out a shingle and call himself a criminal defense attorney. In fact, many of those who can’t get a job at the public defender do just that... With a private attorney, you get your choice of lawyers, but will you choose wisely?

and an explainer - Why Rapists and Murderers (and Pillagers) are Defended

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PD Stuff said...

Skelly: the idiot who asked about firing her friend's PD ("I guess that it's lucky they didn't see this") hasn't bothered to update her question with what happened in the trial: her friend was found NOT GUILTY of felony assault after the trial went ahead on Monday with the public defender. (The PD in question works in the same office I work in, and is an excellent attorney.)