January 14, 2005

Difficult clients ar lietuviskai / на русском

Three years after several Los Angeles-area business owners were kidnapped, suffocated and thrown into a reservoir, their alleged killers remain in custody awaiting trial (The case had a tangential connection to Twin Falls, Idaho, through one ex-USSR resident of Twin who's now doing federal time). Federal prosecutors say it could be a year before the death penalty trials of Iouri Mikhel, Jurijus Kadamovas and Petro Krylov, fine specimens of Homo Sovieticus all.

It's been a pretty interesting case of intrigue and very bad acts featuring some very scary bad guys. The Russian emigre community in L.A. has blamed the "Baltic Mafia". I'm just guessing here, but I imagine that the Baltic emigre community has blamed the "Russian Mafia."

I don't know Iouri Mikhel's national origin - I'd wager Moldova or the Moldavian SSR - though I read somewhere that he's very industrious.

Dale Rubin, a court-appointed attorney representing Mikhel, said he has not asked his client if he is guilty or innocent.

Well, would you?

(p.s.: liquidating your enemies worked up your thirst? Time for Leninade!)
(lv JD at Southern Appeal)