April 06, 2005

Kurt Cobain, Olympian

Eleven years gone this week. My South Sound neighbors know that he spent more of his life and did more of his creative work here than in Seattle, but they don't make that big a deal about it. He is missed.

"There certainly are many places in Olympia that were important to Kurt, but there's not really any monuments. I think that's the way Olympia works, and it's probably the way Cobain would have wanted it."

Slim Moon is fine with that, too. He doesn't really care that the world sees Cobain as solely a Seattle treasure.

"Nobody in the Olympia rock scene has really gone to great lengths to correct that notion," he said. "We were happy to have been friends with them. We had several years of Nirvana all to ourselves. Seattle can claim Nirvana as a trophy -- I think that's far less meaningful than what we had here."

An insightful article from The Olympian, written on the tenth anniversary, is here. RIP, sad brilliant guy.