April 20, 2005

A young man gone

Nathan Fries

I've looked several times at the picture of this Idaho murder victim, and hoped that there might be a Pocatello version of Chris Clarke, or Tom Spanbauer or John Rember, to preserve his story and help us understand how he came to die.

His was a typical southern Idaho face: open, a little goofy, shiny cheeks and a big smile. Trusting in the future and in others.

There's so much I want to know about how he came to lie in a shallow grave in Eastern Oregon, allegedly killed by someone he'd known since grade school.

"He was just a normal Idaho country boy," his sister said. "He was a good guy. He would help anyone out. That's what got him in trouble."

His alleged murderers moved to the big city of Boise - Meridian, actually - and moved in to his house, where they killed him.

Their preliminary hearing has been delayed.

I feel that I almost I know this poor kid. And his roommates.