April 21, 2005

Learning from lawyer advertising

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Thanks to living in the same media market as E. Spat, I too have seen this Northwest lawyer's jaw-droppingly bad TV ads of which she speaks. If you go to his website, you simply must see his masterpiece, "Gallagher's Girls," for yourself (while it's still up). Then you can buy the t-shirt! (while supplies last).

Thanks also to Legal Quandary, Professional Reponsibility profs throughout the land now can study his methods and his written work, "She's Not That Into Being Screwed Over By Her Husband's Divorce Lawyer - A Man's Guide to Understanding Women."

Finally, thanks to Legal Underground, his approach now can reach a national audience. Excelsior!

(offer may not be available in your area - check your local listings and local rules of professional responsibility for details)