September 19, 2007

CA: no, you're not one of us

I'd just like to take this moment to point out that, according to CPDA (pdf file here), Leroy Davies, the purported public defender who wrote (and filed with the court no less) this -

(D)efendant made no move to expand on the statement of kicking lesbian ass by stating when, where or how it was to be kicked... Lesbians are unreasonable as a matter of fact, having violated all tenets of the Bible, common sense, and the biological imperative...

- is a private lawyer who does contract indigent defense work for Del Norte County. We don't claim him.

Link via Daily Kos.

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Bottsimons said...

Hi Skelly,
Thank you for clarifying Mr. Davies' status. I have corrected the Dailykos post to reflect that information.