September 05, 2007

UT: "if the Lord were here today he would be a public defender"

Two reminders from BYU NewsNet, one express -

Public Attorneys Defend Even the Guilty

and one implied - "Public Defenders Even Can Be Good Members Of The Church":

David Stuart, an attorney at the Public Defender Association, ran in between courtrooms at the 4th District Courthouse trying to keep his clients happy. As a public defender, Stuart defends those appointed to him by the state who do not have the money to pay for their own defense...

Some people wouldn't consider Stuart and the other public defenders to be heroes, but County Commissioner Gary Anderson does... "I have often said if the Lord were here today he would be a public defender. In fact, that is what he is. We are all too poor to take care of ourselves; we do not have the resources to take care of ourselves in the cosmic scheme of things, and he steps in and helps us. That is kind of what public defenders do..."