September 18, 2007

NE: profile in courage at juvy

David Tarrell at In The Moment releases the transcript from the time that a juvenile judge held him in contempt:

Going to Jail for Refusing to "Be Still" in Court

THE COURT: Mr. Tarrell, can I talk to your client for a moment?
THE COURT: Can I talk to him, please, for a minute?
MR. TARRELL: Yeah, I’m – you know, I’m—
THE COURT: Thank you.
MR. TARRELL: Judge, you know—
THE COURT: Thank you, I’m just going to visit with him for a second.
MR. TARRELL: Judge, you know what—
THE COURT: You- Just a moment. Mr. Tarrell, if you do not be still, I’ll find you in contempt.
MR. TARRELL: You can find me in contempt.
THE COURT: All right.
MR. TARRELL: I think it’s important that I talk to my client, okay, Judge...

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David Tarrell said...

thanks for posting the link. I felt like I should post it as it's such a wild example of a tyrannical judge. I appreciate the compliment but I know many people, yourself included, that would have done the same thing.