May 14, 2007

Sure, but it's JUDGE Wright to you!

Passing along today's e-mail:

Dear Mr. Wright,

Greetings. My name is Dwight Dyer, and I am an organizing fellow at Working Assets. I would like to invite you to join our campaign to protect our Constitutional principles and restore Habeas Corpus. As you may know, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 stripped habeas corpus rights for certain detainees under U.S. custody.

This legislation is injurious to our system of justice, and we believe the legal community should be at the forefront of the effort to protect freedom, fairness, and due process of law. For these reasons, we invite you to become signatories of our Lawyers for Habeas petition, which you can find at:

Also, we want to strongly encourage you to reach out to your colleagues in the broader legal community and urge them to become signatories. To this effect, we are asking progressive bloggers in the legal community to simultaneously post about this issue, on the morning of Wednesday, May 16th, when the House will consider a motion to restore habeas.

Join us in demanding Congress ensure that our laws reflect who we are as a society, a people committed to accountability and basic fairness. Also, we encourage you to join us in one of the upcoming district meetings with key Senators or their staff to deliver the message in person.


Dwight D. Dyer, PhD | Organizing Fellow | Working Assets

I think that the honorable Skelly would approve.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for stopping in, Skelly. I've admired your fortitude since the 'awards' came out. It was then that I became aware of this blog. I've since admired your fortitude in your updated posts most daily.


DD said...

Dear Judge Wright,

I apologize for the error.
Thank you for posting the letter.

Dwight Dyer