October 22, 2004

But don't get me wrong...

I love my work - it can be deeply gratifying even on days when it's not a laff and a half. For me, being a p.d. imparts meaning to the law. I really don't give a damn what Rehnquist said in footnote 4 of a hot-off-the-press slip. I do care that I never forget to see G-d's likeness in every chimo, rapo and tweaker that He sets in my path, and I'll be damned if I can't make the judge, prosecutor and jury acknowledge it too. Many of us p.d.'s are embarrassed to say it, but this vocation of ours is a calling. This job challenges me every day to do a better job of trying to be a man for others.

Now if I haven't totally scared away the 2L's and 3L's, Blonde Justice has some excellent advice on how to get a p.d. job, or just a law job you love.