October 13, 2004

Enormous changes at the last minute

I don't want to end up like Yeoman Lawyer. Unfortunately, there've been days when he's pretty much channeling me:

"Typically when a person is at that stage where leaving will be easy, ie., they are starting out, single, etc., they think they need to give it a chance first. After a while life moves on, they marry, have kids, the kids are in school, the wife likes where she is, near her family, in a house that is comfortable, and a decision to leave means a lot more than leaving. It's one thing to leave and go back to school, on to another career, etc., if you are 26 years old. It's quite another to take your kids out of school, send your wife back to work, move, sell your house, with no guarantee that any of it will work out, when you are in your 40s. Having said that, I desperately hope there's a way out. I'm sure looking."

40's? Check. Kid in school? Kindergarten counts. All the rest? Check. So what do I do today but stop looking, and leap. I accepted a job offer and submitted a resignation. Six years of carrying a full-time caseload on top of full-time management and brushfire-fighting duties will be over in a few weeks, to be replaced after Christmas by a full-time caseload, and a lot less chest pain, in a green and pleasant land where red-state Democrats get to go if they've lived a good life. My new colleagues will have unpacked by the time I arrive.


Anonymous said...

T.J. here.
contgrats on taking the leap! I envy you, living a life
among other Dems. . .although certain neighborhoods around here ain't so bad. Are you staying a PD?
Best of luck to you!!!!

Blonde Justice said...

Congrats on your new job and big move. Best of luck!

Serephin said...

Best of luck to you, Skelly. Of course, that doesn't mean you're allowed to slack off on blogging, natch.

Say, did you make any dinero from the sale of 43SB shares on BlogShares? I gladly accept tips -- unfortunately, they usually turn out along the lines of "never buy insurance online from anyone named Frenchy." Ah, well...