October 16, 2004

Idaho headlines

Twin Falls: The story of my client getting 27 to life ran in the same edition of the local paper as news of my resignation. My co-workers who remain will get to defend the guy who is alleged to have stolen all those Hot Tamales.

Boise: There are two simultaneous death penalty trials going on in my home town. This is the other one. Amil is a very good attorney, with a very tough mission. The town that once went on and on about liveability now spins the case as a city's end of innocence.

Nampa / Caldwell: There's an eruption of violence in the community where I went to college, and too many people are being killed and wounded. It's frightening and tragic.

Pocatello: For the first time, a fairly forgiving p.d. is driven to object during the prosecution's opening statement.

Moscow: Searching for the gun that killed a U of I football player last month, divers located a different gun that may have killed somebody else two years earlier.

Coeur d' Alene: A college student who lapsed into a coma and died after ingesting LSD, and the creep who put it in her drink is facing a charge of manslaughter.

It's been a hard week here in Idaho. Looking forward to greener pastures.