October 27, 2004

Not gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider... well, on second thought...

Duane and Gregg would be proud, up to a point:

Brody drove up to a death penalty CLE in North Idaho last weekend, and came back with a copy of the weekly paper from one of our smaller counties. The front page caught his eye, at first with the name of the guy in the headline, who also has a criminal record in our county, over 200 miles away, and then with the sheer drama of the story:
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"Brian Ivie Busted: The Midnight Rider gets tazed, sprayed, and booked"
. Standing alone, that's got to get some kind of Pulitzer for small-town headlines. The article begins: "Brian Ivie the fellow who led the police on the wild midnight ride from Riggins to Council and back again was finally arrested last week." Sheriff's deputies Martin and Stamper tracked Ivie to a closet in his mom's house. "When no one came out Martin opened the door, Ivie leapt out at the deputy, as if to attack him but then stopped. Ivie was holding a beer in one hand. Martin spent several minutes trying to persuade Ivie to surrender peacefully. Ivie was not convinced it was all that good of an idea. Martin finally warned Ivie he was going to "go hands on" and arrest him."
"At that point Ivie leapt at Martin and Martin shot him with his tazer gun. Two electric wires dangled from Ivie's chest as he fell back onto his bed. Ivie pulled the wires out, bounced back off the bed and shoved Martin backwards over a pile of clothes into the laundry room. Martin's flashlight landed in a mop bucket. As Ivie raced down the hall to freedom Deputy Stamper shot his tazer into Ivie's back. The barbed tazer needles are connected by 21 foot wires to the tazer gun and Stamper shot Ivie from about 20 feet behind him. As Ivie stumbled the needles pulled out. Ivie leapt back up and ran out of the house. Out into the yard Ivie stumbled again and Martin was on him with pepper spray. Ivie stayed down for the count." This is when Ivie's troubles really started:
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I think that the cops charged him with felony alluding after he began explaining his crimes by stating, "My father was a gambler down in Georgia, he wound up on the wrong end of a gun."

I don't know why this paper doesn't feature this reporter's work on its website, so I hope he doesn't mind the lengthy quoting here. He scored on the same front page (below the fold) with this shocker:
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Fortunately the same county, population 3476, is getting $215,000 from the Department of Homeland Security, and not a minute too soon.