October 18, 2004

History will absolve me

Here's a headline I'd like to clip out:

Public defender retires vindicated

"When Lassen County Public Defender Toni Tweedle Healy retires effective Dec. 1 she will leave vindicated in her challenge to Superior Court Judge Ridgely Lazard. Lazard is “biased and prejudiced against Public Defender Healy and other attorneys in her office,“ according to Galen Hathaway, a retired judge from Mendocino County, appointed by the Judicial Council of California to hear the challenges for cause the public defender filed against Lazard. Hathaway issued a decision on Friday, Oct. 15.

“The Challenge for Cause is supported by court records, transcripts of recorded arraignments, official transcripts, court minutes, sworn statements of defendants and others, all of which indicate that Judge Lazard actively prevented the public defenders from properly representing clients entitled to representation,” Hathaway’s decision said."

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karretop said...

I used to live in this town and I know how the "justice" system works there. Judge Lazard was one of many who were out of control. It was a scary place to live and the only way to survive was to stay under the radar of the police and judges. Its hard to believe there are places like this but, believe me, there are!