October 01, 2004

Lost our lease! Everything must go!

The good people of the Thurston County, Washington, Office of Assigned Counsel have been made homeless:

Public defenders scattered temporarily as lease expires

"Attorneys and staff were forced to move out of their office with two days' notice because their lease expired and officials were unable to get an extension.With court dates still to be met, lawyers and legal assistants packed up phones, file cabinets, furniture, plants and copy machines, and moved into a scattering of temporary locations until their new office is settled."

"Some worked from home or out of their cars while county officials worked on solutions. "The past two days, I've been putting my open files in my car and finding a desktop wherever I can," said Robert Jimerson, an attorney who has worked with the office for four years."

Nomadic defenders of the people's rights, a wandering light cavalry of criminal defense lawyers, striking camp and lighting out for wherever prisoners may be freed and justice may be done... Yeah, I guess I could handle that for a while.

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