October 06, 2004

Red badge of courage in Baton Rouge

My G-d, did you see this? Man attacks public defender with razor in court
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You know what's even more offensive?
"It's my belief it was a total fabrication, and I'm not agreeing to a mistrial," said prosecutor Aaron Brooks.

Public defender Bert Garroway has claimed throughout the trial that his client is mentally unstable. Very luckily, doctors said Garroway's injuries were not life threatening, and he went to the emergency room under his own power. Get well soon.

Despite the attack, prosecutors say they will fight any attempts by the defense for a mistrial when court resumes Thursday. I suppose that asshat prosecutor wants Garroway to pick right back up as trial counsel for his own attacker.


Blonde Justice said...

A fabrication? What, the PD had a ketchup packet under his collar? Ugh... I hate prosecutors!

Ken Lammers said...

Oh come on! Nobody buys that old trick anymore.

I mean, I know that I, personally, have told 5 or 6 of my clients to attack me in court and try to hurt me when it looked like the trial was going down the tubes.

Don't you guys use this tactic?