October 07, 2004

Red Badge of Courage: trial continued

Following an attack on his attorney Wednesday in a Baton Rouge court, the trial of New Orleans man Barbette Williams has been suspended.

He now faces an additional charge of attempted second-degree murder after his attack on public defender Bert Garraway. No word as to whether the prosecutor who characterized the bloody slashing incident as "a total fabrication" will be handling the new charge for the state.

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Blonde Justice said...

So, wait. If you're the lucky lawyer who gets assigned to represent this guy on the attempted murder of his last lawyer, you call the prosecutor to the stand.

"You were there as a witness to this event, weren't you?"
"And it was a complete fabrication, wasn't it?"

Ha. I'm loving this already. I'd take that case. Except for the part that requires sitting next to this guy that tries to kill his lawyers.