February 26, 2008

Art is my weapon, court - appointed lawyers are my targets

Remember, "HELL has no furry" like a public defender hater with a camera phone:

NOBODY Goes To Court To Support AVONE

Big screed. Lots of surreptitious in-court photos. Poor Avone.

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Anonymous said...

That sucks. But I would bet money that AVONE was told at some point "you've been given a public defender. Make sure to contact them before your next court date." Maybe not. And maybe he tried, but his PD never called him back. But there's a good chance AVONE didn't do his half of the job, either.

That said, showing up to court late without a damn good excuse is just unacceptable. In my book, if you're not 5 minutes early, you're late, and you owe the court and your client an apology.

I also make a point of not appearing too buddy-buddy with the persecutors. I get along with them okay, but clients take away the wrong message when they see you hamming it up with the enemy.