February 07, 2008

Miracle of forgiveness

Unflappable public defender Doug Cricker on TV:

He'd be willing to represent his attacker again, however, "I definitely think there's a conflict of interest there now."

More at Beliefnet.


jimbo said...

What a clown that PD is...

I wouldn't want that gutless sack of offal representing me either.

Skelly said...

Thanks for dropping by, jimbo. Next time I'm appointed to represent you, if you ever punch me, I promise to punch you back.

jimbo said...

Thank you!!! That's what I like to hear.

A PD willing to fight, whether physically when attacked by his client or in court, fighting for his client's rights.

In all honesty, I was pretty impressed with the guy. Beyond not being able to take a punch, he sounded like a pretty decent guy.