February 19, 2008

FL: when it comes to caseload, "'manageable' is, apparently, a relative term"

"Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Public Defender? Perhaps it's for the low pay, long hours and questionable clients..." From Orlando Weekly:

The Defense Never Rests

Welcome to the public defender’s office of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, serving Orange and Osceola County. Please sign in and be seated...

Upstairs, in the offices on the fifth floor, there is no L.A. Law breeziness, no cocktail lunches... Over in one corner, a public defender leans uncomfortably over a dusty brown box of paper files, settling into her work day in a common area outside her office. It’s quiet – most of the attorneys are in court – and there are no frills.

But it isn’t dreary. The boss, Bob Wesley, helps see to that. Enter into evidence the fact that he keeps notes in a Hannah Montana spiral notebook...