February 19, 2008

VA: rubber chickens, rats and bricks

In this profile of Central Virginia capital defender - to - be David Baugh, could somebody in the comments please explain to me what this is supposed to mean:

“You can be a rat and a public defender and God’s going to give you a good seat up front near the floor show with Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King...”

I mean, is one of us supposed to be the rat in this scenario? Perhaps it's a fine thing to be compared to, but where I work, it's not a nice thing to be called. Then again, I come from a state where each year the lawyer with the most jury trials gets the coveted Cockroach Award.

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Tom McKenna said...

Nah, I can tell you, Baugh loves all varities of PDs. He's a real piece of work. In the cases I've prosecuted against him, he's funny and wonderful to talk with, but a frustrating pain in the ass to try a case with... he revels in getting held in contempt, and is a real attention hog. His results are really no different IMHO than any other decent defense attorney, he just gets more attention because of his hijinks.

Ironic that being such a bastion of liberal ideology, when he get angry, the "faggot" thing comes flying out.