February 06, 2008

KY: p.d. on attacker - "I don't feel any ill will toward him"

I know you saw the video of the in-court sucker punch on the public defender, but did you read this? From Kentucky.com:

Assaulted attorney says he holds no grudge - no charges filed against defendant who slugged him

(Doug) Crickmer returned to work Tuesday and went to the jail to make sure Hafer was being treated properly...

An inspiring display of the p.d. ethic, and more than a bit humbling.


Miss Welby said...

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Cori1047 said...

My deepest sympathies to Mr. Crickman. Been there, done that myself, exactly a year ago in fact. Speaking from experience, watch out for concussion symptoms over the next few days, and PTSD-type stuff over the next several weeks. We can understand them and forgive them, but the experience still leaves its mark.

At least you were relieved of having to represent him further. My guy, I had to continue representing through trial, and was finally let off for sentencing.

The Bardd