February 10, 2008

"Why would I lie?"

Think it's just you who's feeling under-trusted? Check out the latest post by Woman of the Law:

on being a public defender: apparently we're all liars.

It's strange how much judges and prosecutors really believe that we lie, lie, lie all the time...

It's not just in trial or motion practice. You can get this attitude, even when you're doing a change of plea, when your judge is all, "I am the only one here looking out for you, dear defendant, because we just can't trust this (incompetent / overworked / unprepared) court-appointed lawyer telling me that you've been advised of your rights..."

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Algernon said...

"Woman" seems to miss the point that it's the government that has the burden of proof. And a suppression hearing has nothing to do with guilt or innocence (at least of the accused). And if a judge called her a bitch, that should be reported to the Commission on Judicial Conduct. And if a prosecutor did so, it should be reported to the bar association. This was a lot of whining.