January 17, 2008

But since their wings have got rusted

Okay, so the badmouthing the p.d.s approach is a popular marketing technique, but at least I liked this line: "Our job is to find a hole in your case, and if we find a hole, we're driving a truck through it!" (Coincidentally, I found a hole just by watching this ad)


Ken Lammers said...

Ummm . . . Skelly - I don't think he was talking about that kind of hole.

Anonymous said...

Keeping updated on the law (as they tout in this commercial) is something PDs do BETTER than private counsel, with very few exceptions. No private firm can match the brain trust that a statewide department has, nor can they match the training budget and in-house manuals that PDs get.

Chris said...

I agree. I'm a private attorney who, for nearly 30 years, has picked PDs' brains whenever I had an unusual problem.

I recently had a client charged with some horrible sex crimes. Everyone agreed he was seriously mentally ill and not competent to stand trial, but no one knew where to put him or how to get him there. The Philadelphia Defender's Office has an entire mental health unit, and they were able to answer our questions in a single phone call.