January 11, 2008

"I sold him out"

After saving a client eight years in the pen plus a felony conviction, Donzell has a reasonably righteous rant:

Where does this sorry bastard get off to complain? I saved his sorry ass from prison...

Been there - you too?

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Anonymous said...

I once carefully explained to a client at arraignment the pros and cons of taking the misdemeanor the state was offering. "You can do 60 days now and get a misdemeanor, or we can leave it a felony and possibly try the case - but there won't be another offer for a felony."

He was concerned - "I'll lose my job. My wife will be evicted."

"Well, you don't have to take this offer. We might fight it and win. We might plead to a felony and have the judge probate you, meaning you never serve a day in jail if you follow the rules of probation. But if you want a misdemeanor offer, you've got to take it now, and you've got to serve 60 days."

The guy talks to his wife and then pleas.

Immediately thereafter, I get a ten minute tongue-lashing from the wife, wanting to know why I "let him" plead. WTF? He conferred with her AFTER conferring with me, and BEFORE pleading! AND he got a misdemeanor when he was looking at 1-5 in prison!

Sometimes this is the most thankless job in the world. Of course, I have a collection of letters and cards from appreciative clients, and that means a lot to me, too. But wow. Being yelled at for securing a misdemeanor offer is really a trip.