January 03, 2008

Let the bake-off begin!

Now that the counting's beginning, for all their vote - suppressing exclusionary tendencies, caucuses have it all over other more democratic means of choosing a nominee in one crucial area: cookies.At the end of all this, if it's Edwards, I'll very happily vote for Edwards.
If it's Obama, I'll happily vote for Obama.
If it's Kucinich, I'll happily vote for Kucinich, but I'll have to vote absentee, because before that happens, the mothership will have landed and taken Dennis and me away.
If it's Clinton, I'll dutifully vote for the candidate of my party.

1 Comment:

Yakima_Gulag said...

I will need to join you and Kucinić on that thar mothership! He is my REAL favorite, but I will vote for whoever runs, just call me a 'yellow dog' type of Democrat.