January 24, 2008

ID: Jack Van V for victory

I liked him as opposing counsel out at the Barrister courthouse; I loved him as the gutsiest civil libertarian in town. My colleague Jack Van Valkenburgh is taking a break from his labors after 18 years of nurturing civil liberties in the arid soil of my home state. From Left Side of the Moon:

A Local Champion

This was a bit surprising though not totally unexpected. Eighteen years is a long time especially given the intensity of an organization like the ACLU.

The newspaper photograph bearing his likeness marks the day in 1990 that then-Gov. Cecil Andrus vetoed a bill that would have created the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. It was the same year Van Valkenburgh helped open the American Civil Liberties Union office in Idaho. He had been working as a city prosecutor...

And as a bonus for my South Sound readers, wouldn't you just know that he's a Greener. Be proud and take your rest, old friend.

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Wordsmith said...

Thanks for the referral.

I have immense respect for Jack. He has substantial courage, certainly more than I would under similar conditions given the political climate here at times. He truly is a good man, and that is not something I say about many men.