January 18, 2008

P.D. bacchanal

This post reminded me...

(A) bunch of public defenders in Las Vegas? I'm guessing (a) the parties will be good; and (b) there may be booty to be had.

It's getting to be time to sign up for the 8th Annual Public Defender Retreat:

A yearly gathering of public and private criminal defense attorneys, investigators, staff, law students, spouses, or anyone with a Public Defender Attitude.

"Public Defender Attitude" If you have to ask what that is... you probably don't have one!

And for cheap! One year I sent some lawyers and staff from the Twin Falls office; no arrests were made.

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Woman in Black said...

I went once! I can't say I spent a lot of time in class, though...I might go this year, too, with some people from my office.